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Hear what Jon Atwater, a Medical Student at Duke University, has to say about participating in medical studies. 
“The CliniSpan Health Platform is super user-friendly – I made an account and found a few studies in under 5 minutes.” – Yanela Diaz, Participant
“CliniSpan Health sent emails notifying me when studies I would be interested in came out so I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to sign up. I feel like they really care about helping both me and the larger issue of diversity in these studies.” – Lillian Zhang, Participant
“We found it extremely easy to create an account on CliniSpan Health’s website. The interface is very user friendly and simple to navigate. As an advocate for equitable access to resources for underserved communities, we strongly support CliniSpan Health’s efforts in making sure there is diversity in medical studies.” -Shaguana Hunt, Executive Director, Raise a Child of the Carolinas

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